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Virtual Machine Statistics (Updated on 2016-10-23 22:14:09)

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  *** CVI VM Creation Freeze ***
Since 2006, the CERN Virtual Infrastructure has been used to provide virtual machines in the computer centre at CERN. Since the summer of 2013, the Cloud Infrastructure service has been released and become production ready. This new service has been designed for a large scale deployment with a self-service user perspective in mind.

Now, the Cloud Infrastructure Service provides similar functionality than on CVI, we are starting to decommission CVI. At the beginning we will start the process to disable certain templates on the Central Service, because the Cloud Service already provides more recent versions of those Operating Systems.

The schedule will be the following:

Template Operating System Deadline
Linux / PXEJuly 15th
Windows / PXEJuly 15th
Scientific Linux CERN / SLC5 - i386July 15th
Scientific Linux CERN / SLC5 - x86_64July 15th
Scientific Linux CERN / SLC6 - i386July 15th
Scientific Linux CERN / SLC6 - x86_64July 15th
Windows 2008 / ServerAugust 15th
Windows 2008 / Server R2 SP1August 15th
Windows 7 / Enterprise SP1September 15th
Windows 7 / Enterprise x64 SP1September 15th

For these types of machines please request them on the Cloud Infrastructure website (

Note: the CVI service will continue to run and all running machines will not be affected by this announcement.

We encourage users to create virtual machines on OpenStack and where appropriate, remove their old virtual machines from CVI.